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Our Caregiver Support Program Includes Respite, Companion Services & Family Support

Do you live alone? 
Comper Care & Rehab has reliable, caring and respectful companions to assist you in overcoming some of the challenges you may be  experiencing.

Are you concerned about…
  • Eating a healthy and enjoyable meal?
  • Taking medication at the right time?
  • Spending too much time alone?
  • The family/friends you rely on becoming ill or injured?

Comper Care Companions are backed and bonded by a reputable organization and matched to meet the needs of individuals by providing:

  • Assisting with homemaker services such as cooking, and light housekeeping.
  • A companion to spend time with doing meaningful activities.
  • Family and friends will be able to work or have time to themselves knowing that you are OK.

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Comper Care & Rehab, Inc.
Office: (402) 932-0703